Ski tour

The ski touring experience leaves nothing to be desired - from the classic ski tours to the insider tips of the locals, everything is here.

The secluded valleys and untouched nature offer wide tours and great snow masses for the optimal deep snow experience.

Skitour zum Dorfberg
Weitblick von der Öfenspitze im Winter
Sonnenuntergang am Dorfberg
Gipfelkreuz Öfenspitze im Winter
Skitour zur Kinigat


Ski tours should also be enjoyed with caution.

A ski tour should only be undertaken with suitable equipment and emergency equipment. Proper tour planning and observance of the current avalanche warning level ensure the ski touring experience.

to the avalanche warning service
Weitblick von der Öfenspitze im Winter
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You don't know where to go? Then take a look at the ski tours in and around our region.